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SproutAg provides holistic financial support to farmers and agribusiness as they need it through farm loans, banking and advice.


SproutAg are agribusiness specialists who provide financial solutions for primary producers and agribusinesses. We connect rural customers to the farm banking finance solutions that best suit their needs.

Do you need farm banking advice? Contact SproutAg to connect with finance specialists with knowledge and experience in Australian agriculture.

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Farm Banking

Farm Banking Solutions for Australian Farmers

Farm banking is designed to assist farmers and agribusinesses to manage their cash flow, grow the business, and find the best finance solutions when needed.

Running a business in the agricultural industry is one of the most rewarding ways to make a living, but it comes with uniquely demanding challenges. Many of these challenges do come in the form of finances, which is why our dedicated team works with farmers and agribusinesses to improve their financial position.

With our background as part of rural communities and financial specialists, we understand your needs and how to achieve your goals through better financial management and accessible funding.

The SproutAg team can work directly with you and banks or lenders who understand farming and agribusiness to give you the best options to thrive.

The Benefits of Working with SproutAg - Specialists in Farm Banking

SproutAg is independent to give you peace of mind that our advice and recommendations are guided by what's best for you, not by company affiliations.

Our goal is to support Australian agriculture and our farmers to worry less about their cash flow and get back to doing what they do best - working the land. With our background in the agricultural industry and ties to rural communities, our financial specialists not only understand the unique business needs of farmers but how best to financially support them.

Working with SproutAg will connect you to a large network of lenders and banking institutions who value and prioritise agribusiness.

SproutAg specialise in ag finance. If you’re looking for financial experts who understand your industry and banking requirements, get in touch with a member of our team today to arrange a consultation.

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Founded in 2016 by a group of agribusiness owners looking to increase professionalism in their industry, SproutAg is a finance company specialising in the agricultural economy of regional Australia. We have maintained strong ties with rural communities and have an abundance of experience when it comes to helping farmers build strong financial foundations for the future.

Our team of knowledgeable staff are committed to working closely with each customer in order to form an understanding of their particular business and the challenges that it’s facing. Once we understand your unique circumstances and challenges, we provide comprehensive advice and guidance on the best finance options for you.

Farm Banking FAQ's

What is Farm Banking?

Farm banking generally refers to banking with a rural or agricultural bank (sometimes called an AG bank). It is a bank that specialises in financial services and products for farmers, growers and agribusinesses in Australia. Farm banking can mean a wide range of financial tasks or services, including managing finances, business investments, securing financing, and financial activities to grow the business.

What Makes Farm Banking Different?

There are some critical differences between rural banks and commercial banks, though anyone can bank with either type of institution. Rural banks are more focused on supporting farming and agribusiness through financial activities, while the main goal of commercial banks is to generate profits for their shareholders.

What is the Best Bank for Farmers in Australia?

Which bank will be best for you and your agribusiness will be determined by a variety of factors. There is no one farm banking solution that works for every farmer or grower. Agricultural businesses are part of a complex industry and finding the best farm banking solution requires specialist experience. SproutAg have both the financial experience and the background in rural communities to provide helpful rural bank insights and advice tailored to your needs.

Why is Farm Banking Important?

Farm banking for farmers and agribusinesses is important as there can be a very real disconnect between lenders and farming communities.

Farm banking solutions look at various banks and their financial products to connect rural customers with banks or lenders who:

- understand the financial situation of farmers and growers
- prioritise financing agribusinesses and contributing to a sustainable agriculture industry
- take a strong focus on climate change and environment sustainability

Many people falsely presume that a standard banking options will suffice when it comes to supporting farmers and agribusiness. However, it can be difficult to manage and obtain finance for these businesses, both large and family-owned, with only a very limited number of financial institutions having the specialist knowledge required.

But fortunately, such financial institutions do exist, and they’re easy to contact and work with – as long as you know which organisation to put your trust in. This is where SproutAg comes in! Our team specialises in assisting farmers and agribusiness owners throughout the application process, from finding the right finance options to navigating the approval process and more.

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