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SproutAg provides financing services for securing short-term loans, such as seasonal finance, for agribusinesses – including family-owned farms and food industry businesses.

Need assistance with securing a seasonal loan? Contact SproutAg to connect with finance specialists experienced in farm cash flow to understand your options.

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Seasonal Loans

Seasonal Finance

The farming and agricultural industry is one of the most rewarding ways to make a living, however it is also a highly demanding industry with a variety of seasonal challenges. These challenges can increase finance costs at different times of year where more products or equipment are required.

Seasonal finance is designed to assist farmers and agribusinesses that are impacted by seasonal fluctuations to find the best finance options and interest rate for you.

The SproutAg team can work directly with you and multiple lenders who understand seasonal farming and agribusiness needs, giving you the best options and the best chances of securing the funding you need.

Short Term Finance

Seasonal Crop Finance

Seasonal conditions have the biggest impact on farmers and the agricultural industry. Quite often this impact causes a need for additional product, and therefore an increase in expenses that were potentially not budgeted for.

Fortunately, short-term finance options like seasonal loans make life much easier for farmers and agribusinesses. All we need to get started is some background knowledge about the you as a farmer or grower, as well as the nature of your farming activities. With the help of our farm finance specialists, we can simplify the process to secure the funding you need, whether you’re a new or established farmer.

Benefits of Seasonal Finance with SproutAg - Specialists in Seasonal Loans

Why does working with a specialist for seasonal finance matter?

Few finance lenders understand the challenges and demands of agriculture and life on the land. Working with a specialist who understands the unique challenges of farming, and has finance knowledge and connections with lenders, means farmers and agribusinesses can have better access to the funding they need, when they need it.

Seasonal finance options are designed to support the farm input requirements of agribusinesses needing farm chemicals, fertiliser, seed, and even new equipment. Our team can connect you with potential finance options that offer farmers a flexible and easy solution at competitive rates.

SproutAg is independent and are not tied into any one company, with multiple options available to suit your business needs.

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Here at SproutAg, we have plenty of experience when it comes to providing bespoke financial solutions for businesses and individuals with agribusinesses in regional and rural Australia.

SproutAg are specialists in agricultural finance – if you’re looking for Seasonal finance, contact our team today.

Seasonal Finance - FAQs

How Does Seasonal Finance Work?

Seasonal finance is a flexible credit arrangement, usually with a much shorter loan term, designed to help a business cover its existing expenses despite extreme fluctuations in revenue. It can also be used to cover additional costs that can put financial strain on the business at specific times of the year. To secure a seasonal loan, you will need to first contact a lender or a broker like SproutAg and provide your details and financial needs, and they can connect you with best finance options.

What is Seasonal Financing or a Seasonal Funding Requirement?

Seasonal business loans have much shorter loan terms and tend to be more flexible in regards to repayments to make financing more accessible for seasonal businesses. These loans can used to manage cash flow or as a capital injection into the business.

What are the Risks of Seasonal Finance?

The biggest risk with most seasonal loans is that they are usually unsecured and you are increasing your debt load, but otherwise the risks are the similar or the same as most finance options. For example, if you default on your loan you may be charged a fee or other consequences if you are unable to pay back the loan.

Why is Seasonal Finance Important?

Facilitating seasonal financing for farmers and agribusinesses is important as there can be a very real disconnect between lenders and farming communities.

Seasonal financing can allow a farming business to better manage their cash flow during times of the year that have higher overheads or additional costs to consider - such as the planting or harvesting of crops. It is a tool that farming businesses can use when the season and buying conditions are right to provide them with an increase in capital they need to keep the business running smoothly.

Many people falsely presume that a standard, traditional loan will suffice when it comes to attaining the necessary financing to seasonal purchasing costs. However, it can be difficult to obtain a loan for this purpose, with only a very limited number of financial institutions having the specialist knowledge required to provide such loans.

But fortunately, such financial institutions do exist, and they’re easy to contact and work with – as long as you know which organisation to put your trust in. This is where SproutAg comes in! Our team specialise in assisting farmers and agribusiness owners throughout the application process, from finding the right finance options to navigating the approval process and more.

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