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SproutAg advisors are growth experts and understand the governance that needs to be laid down during these periods of high and rapid growth.

Business Advisory Services

SproutAg provides professional and business advisory services aimed at those business owners who are rapidly growing their business and are time poor. SproutAg advisors are growth experts and understand the governance that needs to be laid down during these periods of high and rapid growth.

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Business Advice and Support to Give You Peace of Mind

As a business owner, we understand how busy you are growing your business, so we help you manage the governance for you and help you get out of your business and work on the most important issues. Our services include one-off scopes of work and our twelve month one on one coaching program known as Ag Pro by one of our internally accredited advisors.

All businesses are structured differently with their own business lifecycle, often comprising multiple stakeholders and complex ownership structures. We can produce accurate and professional financial reports in one succinct dashboard format which can then be distributed regularly to all parties involved. We understand that the demand for accurate, real-time information is crucial for your business success and growth.

Business Advice and Support

Cashflow Forecast

An important part of our business advisory service is establishing a current cashflow forecast for your business so that you’re bank ready. Our team will work with you to complete a comprehensive cashflow forecasting for your business. By developing an accurate cashflow forecast over a specific period of time, you’ll be in a better position to:
• Predict future cash positions.
• Avoid cash shortages.
• Be bank ready for the completion of financial transactions.

Goal Setting

Family business owners need to have aligned goals so that everyone in the team understands what is happening in the farming business. Our goal setting workshops help you to understand what is important to you and your business in the long and short term. Often it is easier to think strategically when you are in one of our offices and not IN your business. Our clients spend most of their time executing and these sessions help those owners set their strategic direction.

Business Planning

The SproutAg business review workshop helps to reconcile the big thinking from our goal setting workshop to help business owners understand where they are in meeting their goals. By completing a thorough financial analysis of key numbers and modelling goals, we help them understand their current position, so they can prioritise the most important aspects of their business. The business analysis session is based around substantiating the goals set and this may take several sessions to get where you want to get to.

Enterprise Analysis

Enterprise planning is an analysis of the current business that will provide multiple scenario options around goals and what if scenarios that include gross margin analysis. This workshop explores scale in a business and the impact it has over time as well as cost of production.

This exercise is an opportunity for our advisors to break down each enterprise and to test the way things are currently done on the farm. The team at SproutAg will use a range of tools to help you understand the key concepts in your business. These tools may include gross margin analysis, enterprise overview, livestock trading calculators, what if scenarios, cashflow forecasting and testing a business plan.


As part of our Ag Pro program our advisors will work with you to troubleshoot specific topics to help your business. These topics may be common questions in farming businesses such as:
• Should I lease or should I buy?
• Should I get a contractor in or buy farm gear?
• Acquisition analysis
• Cost of production and break-even points
• Livestock trading scenarios?
• Machinery Investment Calculators
• Enterprise scale tools and scenarios
• Analysis of where your money was spent last year
• Getting the whole team going in the one direction and people programs

One-on-One Support - Our Ag Pro Program

Our advisory service offering allows you to choose one specific topic for us to work on or for you to sign up for our one-on-one twelve-month program known as Ag Pro that covers every aspect of your business. Unlike other programs you will receive a one-on-one approach that enables you to dig deep into your business.

Businesses are often complex and require everyone to roll their sleeves up, and therefore our one-on-one support where you meet monthly off site will allow you to work through these complex requirements.

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In addition to our Ag Pro program, our SproutAg advisors can assist you with all your reporting and governance needs, including:

• On-farm board meetings, with set agendas
• Cashflow forecasting
• Actual to budget reporting, including variance reporting
• Stakeholder reporting
• Review of enterprise expansion scenarios
• Data room that houses key financial information to allow for easy access
• Automated reminders for covenants and key stakeholder requests

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SproutAg Agribusiness Ag Pro is our one-on-one program that helps you step away from your business so you can concentrate on the drivers that shape it. Ag Pro is our VIP program for aspirational agribusiness owners. The businesses working through the program typically experience greater alignment as a family operation, clarity around their goals and how they can improve the farm over time. How to use the Farm Growth Guide This guide will walk you through business growth, analysis and the tools we offer to grow your business.

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