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Finding the Balance: Growth, Liquidity and Control

Different lifestyles and stages of life often drive the succession conversation. Generally, we see two different generations working together with different c …

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Get Yourself Organised for the Year Ahead

As farming businesses grow, the level of planning needs to grow with the business, so the planning process becomes much more important and complicated. The fi …

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Getting Stuck in Farm Succession Planning and How to Get Out.

We often work with families on farm succession planning who’ve frustratingly been going around in circles for years and have become stuck in the decision-ma …

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Current State of Play: The Appetite for Ag Banks

When assessing borrowers for a new farm loan, we’re generally seeing banks play a long game around commodity prices and using averages across a five-year pe …

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Getting farm finance while retaining female breeding stock

Getting farm finance while you’re growing your breeding stock can be challenging. This period typically doesn’t look great financially because you lose po …

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What is Agribusiness?

The agribusiness industry is an essential part of the global economy, contributing significantly to the GDP of many countries. In highly industrialised countr …

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Legacy Doesn’t Happen by Accident - Succession Planning Needs Strategic Planning

Significant life events can have a profound impact on succession planning, and keeping ahead of them can influence the success of a family’s succession tran …

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Well-Structured Debt and Repayments

The importance of well-structured debt and repayments.  As circumstances change, so too must we. …

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Livestock Purchases and Instant Assets

Opportunities for livestock purchases, refinancing conversations and discussions around succession have been very topical across the SproutAg offices this mon …

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A Second Opinion Never Hurt

Seeking out a Second Opinion on Your Banking …

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Harvesting Legacy: Affordable Farm Succession Planning for Long-Term Prosperity

Succession Planning – Can You Afford It?   …

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