Greg Fellows

SproutAg customer Greg Fellows from Hay, NSW shares his experience working with SproutAg's Hay Partner Charlie Wythes.

"SproutAg's expertise is finance, mine's growing crop, and I've found it seamless. Charlie's done a great job; communication is fantastic... and the fact that he's got a farming background as well makes it really easy for him to understand our program and what we're doing going forward."

Sam Yates and Brooke Barton

Since purchasing their property in 2021, Angus has worked with customers Sam and Brooke to expand their farming operation by generating off-farm income.

"We never expected to be able to expand as quick as what we have and that's all due to Sprout's services. Angus and SproutAg have given us all the confidence we need to move forward."

Hear from the SproutAg Team

The SproutAg Albury Team touch on what they love about working at SproutAg and the service they provide their customers.

Tracey Gibson, Agribusiness Manager - "Client relationships are at the heart of what we do." Carly Lazzarotto, Agribusiness Manager - "Being part of the region we actually work in is crucial because we understand the local industries, we understand the people and how things work and we're accessible." Alister Murphy, Partner - "First and foremost, we're here for the client."

Boaz and Jonathan Meron

After working in the banking sector for 10 years specialising in Agribusiness finance and Commercial lending, Henry started with SproutAg. Henry's primary focus for his customers is understanding their business and from that, understanding where the opportunities may lie.

"When Henry started with Sprout and trusted Sprout, we trusted Sprout. Being a client of Sprout has been good because we can throw everything under one banner, whether it is with the farms or machinery or anything, we're just talking to one person who's happy to solve the issues that arise."

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