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provides a holistic financial offering to both family owned and corporate food & agribusiness

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Sprout Agribusiness is Australia’s first fully integrated financial services firm, combining finance, asset insurance, risk insurance, succession planning, accounting, book-keeping, business advisory and virtual CFO services all under the one roof.

Specialising in the agribusiness and food industry, Sprout was formed to help the sector increase its wealth by merging financial management into one holistic and independent service.

The roots of Sprout Agribusiness are in regional Australia and its team prides itself on living in rural communities.

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It goes without saying that running a farm involves a lot of hard work, long hours and careful planning. Even the smallest farms can be hugely demanding, and only those individuals with the right set of skills, experience and commitment are able to thrive in the industry.

For this reason, it’s important that all farmers – even those with very small farms and minimal equipment – work with a reputable, professional farmers’ insurance company. + Read More

Small Farm & Farmers Insurance Company Australia

There’s never any knowing just what the future has in store for us, and this is especially true for those who base their livelihoods on a business which can be so easily affected by uncontrollable externalities.

Top-quality farmers’ insurance provides farmers with complete peace of mind, allowing them to rest assured that their farms will be able to continue thriving and profiting regardless of what the future throws at them.

What Does Farmers’ Insurance Cover?

When running a farm there are a whole host of things that can go wrong at any moment, and this is naturally the cause of just concern and worry amongst many farmers. But with a comprehensive small farm insurance policy, you can be confident that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Coverage should always include such things as:

  • Damage to, theft of, and general breakdown of equipment, tools and machinery,
  • Damage to and vandalising of outbuildings, barns etc.,
  • Damage to residential buildings,
  • Damage to hay, animal feed or other essential farm products,
  • Liability insurance: this is naturally important for any business, but especially so for farms. Whether you’re planning on employing seasonal workers or private contractors, or simply opening your farm up to agritourism every now and then, there is a whole range of reasons that liability insurance is absolutely essential.

All of the above issues have the potential to cause serious problems for farm owners and, in the worst cases, can cripple small farms.

But fortunately, with the help of a farmers’ insurance company, you can ensure that your farm is protected against future challenges.

Choose Sprout for Your Farmers’ Insurance

Australia has a range of different companies offering insurance for farms of all sizes, but for both large and small farm insurance, Sprout offers the most professional, comprehensive and personalised service available on the market.

Unlike many insurance providers, we specialise solely in the agricultural industry. In fact, when we were founded in 2016, we were simply a group of agribusinesses who shared a commitment to maximising professionalism and efficiency in the industry.

Since then, we’ve built a strong reputation for being one of the very best places to get agricultural insurance not just in Queensland and NSW, but in Australia more generally. Our team understand the nature of the farming business and work closely with each individual customer to come up with an insurance solution that is tailored around their individual needs and requirements, and the challenges they face.

So when it comes to farmers’ insurance, Australia-based farm owners should look no further than Sprout. Simply get in touch with a member of our friendly team today to find out more about our services.

Sprout AG specialise in ag finance & agribusiness insurance. If you are looking for rural property finance or small farm loans, contact us today.

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