Farm succession planning

Starting Farm Succession Planning

Farm succession planning is focused on the why, what and when with little emphasis on getting the discussion started. It’s not surprising given the sensitivity around succession planning, but it doesn’t need to be a bad experience if you start in the best possible position. From our starting point, Sprout Agribusiness thinks of farm

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Striking A Balance Between Rising Farm Asset Values And Compensating Family Members Not Working In The Business

• Treat the farm as a business • Plan for change and handover • Communication is the key to success Most family farms are complex beasts as each generation lays down decisions and operations over time, creating historical baggage along the way. From our experience, successful families manage this complexity by treating the farm

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Farms have people issues, not farming issues

Even the closest and most functional family will have rows from time to time. A farming family is no different, and sometimes what can start as a minor issue can snowball into a much bigger dispute that risks the family unity and the farm. This is why working through conflict is so essential to

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Can the Family Business Afford to go through a Transition?

Cash flow and business analysis are a key part of planning Be realistic about your business goals Compromise You’ve had the first family meeting to talk transition planning, laid out your goals and aspirations for the farm, so what’s next? The next step is to test these goals and aspirations to see if they

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Communication and the One-Page Plan

  • Visualise the farm’s goals and aspirations • Identify key dates and put them in a timeline • Regularly review and communicate your transition plan We’ve talked about developing a transition plan and testing it to make sure it stands up, and in this article, we outline how to communicate the plan, so

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Succession Planning

Succession Planning: The Family Deal

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