Business Planning

An important step for many of our family business clients is to develop a written Strategic or Business Plan, detailing their key projects and priorities over a specified time frame (usually 1-2 years).

A well conceived and constructed Business Plan helps focus the organisation’s energies and resources on a range of specific initiatives and projects, thereby providing a degree of discipline and accountability, and a focus for regular Board meetings.

Facilitating the formulation of a Strategic or Business Plan typically involves:

  • Researching the business and its market
  • Facilitating a structured planning workshop, involving all key stakeholders
  • Incorporating the outcomes of the workshop into a coherent written Strategy/Plan
  • Assisting with communication of the Strategy/Plan to all key stakeholders
  • Ongoing advice and support during implementation of the Strategy/Plan


To support the succession and professionalisation process, SproutAg also offers a range of people development services, including:

  • Mentoring and executive coaching
  • Role & Responsibility clarification and documentation
  • Formulation of a Preferred Employer framework
  • Career development planning for key staff and future leaders.


In addition to providing advisory services, We are also available to deliver presentations on topical family business  issues, or to facilitate planning or brainstorming sessions at business meetings, or industry association conferences and seminars.