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Sprout Agribusiness is Australia’s first fully integrated financial services firm, combining finance, succession planning, and business advisory services all under the one roof.

Specialising in the agribusiness and food industry, Sprout was formed to help the sector increase its wealth by merging financial management into one holistic and independent service.

The roots of Sprout Agribusiness are in regional Australia and its team prides itself on living in rural communities.

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Agricultural Loans for Land Purchase Australia

The agricultural industry is particularly tough and demanding, with long hours of hard, manual work being the foundation of a successful farming business but by no means the extent of it. It is important – particularly in today’s fast paced and ever-changing economy – to approach farming with professionalism and efficiency, and ensure that your agribusiness is keeping up to date with the latest trends and technologies so as not to fall behind its competition.

When it comes to ensuring that you have access to all the equipment, machinery and other resources you need to do your job with maximum efficiency, agribusiness loans are not just extremely useful and beneficial but, in many cases, absolutely essential.

Many people who are just starting out in the farming industry believe that they can access all the financing they require through their banks or other traditional financial institutions.

The reality is that these organisations don’t have access to the specialist insights into the agricultural industry required in order to successfully assess risk and perform the other vital functions required of a lender before they can accept an application for a loan. As a result, most loan applications made by farmers to standard, traditional money lending organisations are, and will be, rejected.

Why to Get a Specialist Agriculture Loan

Rather than putting yourself through the hassle of dealing with a traditional lending organisation only to discover that they can’t accept your application, simply opt instead to work with a specialist agribusiness loans provider.

With the necessary inside knowledge of the agribusiness industry and the nature of rural communities and businesses, a specialist in farmers’ loans will be able to quickly evaluate a loan application and work with the applicant to come up with an agreement that works in the mutual interests of both parties.

Things that an expert in the agriculture industry will have a thorough understanding of, but which may cause issues for a traditional lender, include:

  • The large plot sizes of farming properties,
  • The fact that rural land is officially zoned as ‘agricultural’,
  • The presence of barns and other outbuildings,
  • The presence of livestock,
  • The perceived risk involved in providing loans for expensive agriculture equipment and machinery.

Why to Choose Sprout for Your Agriculture Loan

Founded in 2016 by a group of agribusiness owners who believed that increasing the levels of professionalism in the agricultural industry would lead to benefits for both farmers and consumers, Sprout has grown into one of Australia’s most trusted providers of farmers’ loans and other financial services in the agricultural sector.

With strong ties in rural communities across regional Australia, and with a deep understanding of just how important many cross-generational, family-run farming businesses are to their owners, we’re able to provide each and every customer with a bespoke loan for agricultural land purchase that enables their business to reach its full potential.

So if you’re looking for a quality loan for agricultural land purchase from a reputable financial company that you know you can trust, simply get in touch with a member of the team here at Sprout today!

Sprout AG specialise in ag finance & agribusiness insurance. If you are looking for rural property finance or small farm loans, contact us today.

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“Cannot recommend Sprout Ag enough for sorting out future plans, succession plans and identifying what roles there are and who is most suited!”

- Ross and Sophie Walters

“I gave them a crack and are very pleased with the outcome. They all have a farming connection, and although some of them like to drink bottled water, they will outdo any bank/broker you can find, purely on the volume of funds they handle”

- John Cole

“Saving $50K per year on what my agent was charging”

- John Cole


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